Witch Makeup and Witch Costume Accessories – The Final Touch

Whether you wish to be a gorgeous, good witch, an evil scary witch or the embodiment of a witch that was born within, witch makeup and costume accessories are the perfect way to put the finishing touches on your costume. Accessories and makeup allow you to completely take on the role of your desired witch from head to toe – taking your costume from ordinary to extraordinary. Every witch can find the perfect accessories to magically transform them from human to witch in a quick snap of their fingers.



How Witch Makeup can Change your Costume

Adding makeup to your costume is what takes it to the next level. It allows you to become one with the character that you are dressing up as. Just like everyday makeup, you will transform your face to mimic the look you desire with a few simple applications of makeup. There are a variety of makeup choices available that are developed for witch costumes in order to help you put the finishing touches on your witch. Witch makeup can be used for costumes that are worn for Halloween and those worn in school and community plays to give you the authentic look you desire.


Wicked Witch Makeup

The level you choose to accessorize with makeup is up to you. You can choose to simply accessorize with fake eyelashes that are incredibly long and noticeable, transforming the entire look of your face with one simple change or apply fake black fingernails to point your witchy fingers at your victims and beg them to come towards you.



If you wish for something a bit witchier, you can choose to change the entire look of your face with a colored foundation. The Wicked Witch of the West just begs for you to transform your face, arms and hands into the green tint that she has. Covering your face with washable green makeup and drawing on a warty nose will make your costume incredibly believable. If you are dressing up as an ordinary evil witch, one that stirs her brew and concocts magic spells, you can cover your face in a yellow tinted foundation and draw in bruises or warts as you see fit – whatever makes you look incredibly sinister and evil.


Good Witch Makeup

Of course not all witches are evil. Good witches can be as beautiful as a princess or a fairy, wearing long, flowing dresses and carrying magical wands. They can also be a natural witch that is born within, a witch that embodies the beautiful natural spirit, a witch that is gorgeous from the inside out.



A good witch can wear a variety of makeup to accessorize her costume. You can choose to apply makeup that glimmers and shines, adding to the magical appearance of your costume. Any make up that you apply should be light pink and feminine, giving you the aura of a beautiful good witch. Of course every good witch needs to accessorize with gorgeous, long eyelashes. One bat of those gorgeous eyes and everyone will be begging for you to unleash your magical powers on them. If you are dressing as a naturally born witch, simply applying darker makeup to accentuate your features will help you to embody the natural gorgeousness of the witch. You will show off your dark powers and magical appearance with the simple application of a little makeup.



How Accessories can Transform your Witch Costume

Anyone can dress up as a witch, both good and evil – but it is the witch costume accessories that make you stand apart from the rest. Choosing your accessories individually allows you to customize your costume to be exactly what you want it to be. Once you slip on your witch costume, you will be able to determine exactly what your costume needs.


Witch Makeup And Costume AccessoriesThere are a variety of shoes to choose from, including flat, sensible shoes and pointy, wicked shoes to give your costume that extra witchy accessory. If your costume is going for a sexier vibe, you can also choose black shoes that have cut-outs and peep-toes to give your costume the extra sex appeal that you desire. Boots, flats and high heels are all acceptable accessories for a witch costume. Your choice will depend on the type of witch you are trying to portray as well as your comfort level in various types of shoes.


If your witch is spooky, evil or you just want to add an element of Halloween fun to your costume there are a variety of necklaces, bracelets and rings that you can add to your costume. Whether you just want to add a little glamour or you want your costume to have a little extra spookiness, there are many jewelry options for your costume.


Complete your costume with the perfect stockings to match your costume. If you are going for the Wicked Witch of the West look, green stockings will transform your legs into the true green color of the witch. When you add that to your witch costume and green makeup, you will have an authentic Wicked Witch look. If you are dressing up as a spooky witch that is not in a movie, a sexy witch or a natural born witch, there are a variety of other stockings options including striped and fishnet stockings for the perfect finishing touch on your costume.


Witch Makeup And Costume AccessoriesWhat is a witch without her props? While witches are known for their pointy hats, pointy shoes and wart filled noses, they are also known for their brooms and black cauldrons. Finish off your costume by carrying the broom that is perfect for your costume. While a wicked or evil witch could carry a standard broom with harsh bristles and a small stick, a glamorous good witch or natural born witch needs something a little more. There are a variety of brooms to choose from including those that are made with tulle rather than bristles as well as those made with feathers and incredible glimmer and shine. Choosing the broom that fits your costume will take your costume to the next level.

If you are dressing up as a good witch, fairy or beautiful witch, you might want something a little less witchy and a little more magical. You will find a wide assortment of magical wands to choose from including those with glitter that shimmer and shine as well as those with star tipped ends, to help you make your spells as magical as possible.


The Final Touch any Witch Needs

Witch makeup and costume accessories are the perfect way to customize your witch costume to be exactly what you want it to be. You can choose to use a little makeup or a lot; there are many options to help you portray the scariest witch to the friendliest witch and everything in between. Once you have your makeup decided, you can choose the perfect accessories to accompany your costume that will set you apart from any other witch in town. Accessories are the perfect way to take a costume that might be popular this year but make it your own by customizing it with your accessories.